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Alex, Teacher

Cyd has been the perfect companion to my journey in this season. She skillfully and wisely fuses spiritual direction and coaching with great empathy and presence. She always asks the right questions and is bold, yet respectful. I highly recommend her!

Carolyn, Clinical Director

"Our session today was especially meaningful for me, not only in my current discernment process, but in my lifelong journey of healing from trauma and wholly trusting God."

Bud, Lead Pastor

Cyd helped me to uncover things I didn't even know needed to be uncovered. She effortlessly navigated  conversation that left me feeling heard and confident in a way I have not for far too long. I cannot recommend her any more highly.


Nate, Lead Pastor

"My coaching sessions with Cyd were incredibly powerful, insightful and productive. Cyd empowered me to understand far more deeply who I am, the priorities I want to set in my life and practical next steps to move forward in alignment with those priorities. I cannot recommend Cyd's coaching highly enough!"

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Joe, Creative Professional

Throughout my adult life I have sought traditional counselors to address areas of concern for my mental health. While these have largely been good experiences, they would inevitably hit a wall where things seemed better, but I always felt there was something else that needed unearthed. 

I heard that Cyd’s approach to spiritual direction incorporated newer understandings of how our brains worked, something I’d been excited to learn about so I reached out to her to see if it might unlock some of these roadblocks. 

As we’ve worked together I’ve been amazed at how effective these approaches have been in helping me become more of myself in the past year. I’ve been able to better understand the parts of me that have been out of sorts and how to better integrate them. I’ve learned techniques for identifying when my body and mind are out of sync and how to be better connected again.


Most importantly, I have found a greater sense of connection with the nearness of Jesus in my life, and how knowing that God not only loves me, but actually likes me allows me to operate in the joy he created me to have.

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Hollie, Stay At Home Mom

"I am so grateful to have found Cyd, who helped me experience the beginning of breakthrough, even in my first session! I can’t think of a better person to walk with me as I journey deeper into life in the Spirit and discerning God’s calling on my life."

Liz & Francisco,
Business Owners

"My husband and I received spiritual direction and coaching with Cyd. Our goal was to learn to listen to the Spirit as a couple as we make decisions for our lives. Cyd has been a gentle but challenging coach as she directs us to the voice of God. This has been an invaluable gift in our family."

Marjorie, Ministry Leader

"Cyd has provided me a safe place to process difficult things about my ministry context, helping me return to my core values, grow my communication skills and live into the truth that God is always with me."

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