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The 4Rs of Transformation—
from Reacting to Resp
A Spiritual Coaching Group after Attaching to God

This GROUP COACH & SPIRITUAL DIRECTION experience continues from the Attaching to God learning cohort.  It will deepen the skills of moving through Reactingto Reflectingto Reorienting, to Responding

Image by Evergreens & Dandelions

What we’ll do together:

The 4 Rs of Transformation is a group meeting for facilitated weekly group coaching. Group coaching can be highly effective because you hear how other people are experiencing life as well as how the coach (Cyd) asks questions and helps others reflect. All of this leads to your own deeper learning and understanding.

What each week might look like:

​Each week will move through reacting, reflecting, reorienting, and responding. 

  • REACTING: One group member would bring a situation in which she noticed herself reacting.

  • REFLECTING: Cyd would ask questions to help them reflect on the situation, how it's revealing attachment defaults, survival strategies, and other perceptions of themselves, others, the world, and God.

  • REORIENTING: Then Cyd would coach that person toward opening options to reorient toward the pasture, using tools for body, mind, and heart.

  • RESPONDING: Cyd would help them choose one or two to practice for the next week to practice building new responses.

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