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With the right TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS (spiritual, emotional, and embodied) change happens faster, at a deeper level.

Starting March 28th (Thursdays @ 4pm EST)

You've Tried:

  • Self-help Books

  • Praying 

  • Podcasts

  • Spiritual Disciplines

  • Counseling / Therapy 

  • Repenting of Sin

  • Putting Off / Putting On

  • Trying Harder

You've made some progress.
But you keep getting stuck.

Why can't you make the changes you want to make?

You wonder if something is fundamentally wrong with you...

You just don't have the right tools.


When you find Transformational Tools

...that work with how God made your body, everything will shift. Change happens faster, at a deeper level.

In this course, you will learn transformational tools to:

1 Planting Seeds.jpg


Understand why you might have developed these patterns & strategies in the first place.

2 Growing Seed.jpg



Learn to work with your nervous system to interrupt your reactivity.

3 Growing Seed.jpg


Connect with God to increase your tolerance for insecurity and frustration in human relationships.

4 Budding Plant.jpg


Celebrate the small stuff, set new change intentions, and find hope that you ARE changing.

Course Schedule

Here is what to expect each week.

Weekly Cohort Sessions with Cyd

We meet for an hour each week to discuss the content you engaged on your own and to explore practices together.

Cohort Dates:
- March 28 

- April 4

- April 11

- April 25

- May 2

- May 9

Transformational Tools

Practice new tools for 15 minutes each day to set the stage for lasting change. You can practice as much as you want to, but plan for at least 15 minutes daily.

Starting March 28th, 2024(Thursdays @ 4pm EST)

Video Library

Watch and re-watch teaching and transformational tools videos as many times as you want to. You'll need about 60 minutes each week to watch the content videos.

Who is Cyd Holsclaw?

Integrative Coach, Spiritual Director, Pastor

I am a trauma-informed, Jesus-centered, transformation-focused coach, spiritual director, and pastor integrating the best of neuroscience, embodiment, and spiritual practices.


Nothing gets me more excited than seeing you become more aligned with your one-of-a-kind design and courageously offering your unique gift to the world.


I'm so convinced that God designed us for joy in his presence and incredible purpose in partnership with him that my husband, Geoff, and I co-authored a book, Does God Really Like Me? Discovering the God Who Wants to Be With Us. 


I look forward to coming alongside you on your journey!

Cyd Holsclaw-146.jpg

What Would Other Programs Cost?

You might be able to find these tools by paying...

$300-$600 for 2 sessions of individual coaching 

  • But without the video content or practices. 


$500 or more for 4 sessions of counseling 

  • But without the integration of spiritual practices.

$250 or more for a multi-day training 

  • But with information overload and little time to process it with others.

Or, join Rooted for only $227

I want to learn to be ROOTED.
Starting March 28th, 2024 (Thursdays @ 4pm EST)

Cliff says:

"Cyd is super relatable and has a very transparent approach to everything she does. "Rooted" is definitely worth your while!"

Adrienne says:

"The tools I learned in this course have been so helpful. I wish it had been just a little longer!"

Justin says:

"The videos gave me great ideas to try out for myself and raised my hopefulness. I gained some really helpful tools for change." 
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