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Cyd, sitting in a chair, ready to learn about you.

I look forward to connecting!

When I work with people, I focus on helping you to

  • Secure your attachment with God.

  • Turn toward the parts of yourself that are hard to embrace.

  • Learn how to work with your body and emotions to feel grounded.

  • Explore your thought processes to become more empowered.

  • Clarify and integrate your purpose to feel more whole.


Because I’m currently near capacity for 1-on-1 clients, the first step I’m encouraging potential clients to take is to join either the Rooted or Attaching to God learning cohorts. These 6-week cohorts (costing much less than 1-on-1 coaching) will introduce you to the basics of the kind of work I do with my clients.


The next cohort will launch anywhere between 1 to 5 weeks from right now. 

So the best NEXT STEP is to join my “special waiting list” where—between now and the launch of the next cohort—I will send you (at no cost) the Soul Spring Cleaning for Busy People Examen and the Four Rs of Transformation e-series.

If you're curious about preaching or speaking at your church, retreat, or conference, please contact me

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