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You’re not afraid of hard work. You’re willing to go deep. You’ve tried a lot of different things and you have grown. You’ve had seasons of encouragement.


But you keep coming back to this feeling that there must be something you’re missing. There must be something more

  • to this life God promises

  • to these relationships you’re in

  • to this job you pour yourself into

You can’t quite put your finger on what the “more” is. All you know is that you’re not living it.

You’re juggling a multi-faceted life. People even admire you. On the outside, you appear put together.

But inside, you feel incomplete... not quite "there". You're not quite the version of you that you imagine you are meant to be.

You know there’s got to be more beyond the horizon: more joy, more rest, more wholeness, more freedom, more purpose, more depth, more satisfaction, more peace.


But you’re not sure how to get there.


You need a space where you can be honest and real about the nagging questions you’re asking yourself...

You need a place where you can say - out loud - the things you keep hidden and quiet - the dreams, the longings, the griefs, the doubts.


You need someone to go with you.


Someone who can trust God when you can't.

Someone who can hold hope when yours is fading.

Someone who asks you great questions -

and then listens compassionately to your answers. 


Open water is disorienting, but it doesn’t need to be scary. I’ve been past the edges of the map in my own life and I’ve been helping people like you move beyond their edges for more than 10 years. I’ve been to islands rich in treasure and provisions and I can help you equip yourself with what you need for your journey. With a determined and patient guide, you CAN journey further than you’ve imagined.

I can help you

  • peel back the layers of your life

  • identify what’s keeping you where you are

  • befriend your nervous system for greater agency

  • find the something more you know you’re missing

  • stay motivated to keep doing the work

  • celebrate the stuff no one else sees

If you feel like you’re not the version of you that you imagine you could be, or if you’ve found yourself stuck in other approaches to being well, then I’d encourage you to connect with Cyd.

Joe, creative professional

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